Call for Abstracts 35th AESOP Annual Congress


The 35th AESOP Annual Congress 2023 that will take place in Łódź, Poland, 11th – 15th July 2023. The central theme of the congress is ‘Integrated Planning in the World of Turbulence’. It reflects the current challenges for a sustainable future. On the one hand, space becomes an increasingly valuable resource, and its values and territorial dimension become essential to the development and growth processes. But on the other hand, it requires more and more flexible adaptation of its development patterns to changing trends and forecasted challenges and problems.

Global turbulence raises the question of the effectiveness and legitimacy of using the existing, more traditional planning approaches based on the methodology of long-term strategic planning aimed at building stable foundations for the development of society and - in contrast to this - searching for new approaches corresponding to the indicated planning challenges in conditions of high uncertainty of events, risks and anthropogenic and natural hazards. Therefore, the 35th AESOP Annual Congress 2023 welcomes the submission of abstracts in the following scientific tracks:

- Track 1 / Integrated Planning for Complexity
- Track 2 / Smart and Agile Planning: Smart Cities and Regions
- Track 3 / Planning and Law for Turbulent Futures
- Track 4 / Integrated Planning over The Borders
- Track 5 / Planning for Mobility: Accessibility, Affordability and Sustainability
- Track 6 / Planning for Democracy and Governance
- Track 7 / Planning for Resilience: Territories, Communities and Environment
- Track 8 / Planning for Culture and Turism: Public Spaces, Heritage, Identity, Regeneration
- Track 9 / Planning for Inclusive, Multicultural and Just Cities
- Track 10 / Interdisciplinary Planning Education: Challenges, Dialogues, Innovations
- Track 11 / Turbulent Urban Futures: Uncertainty and Adaptability
- Track 12 / Territorial Governance and Cohesion
- Track 13 / Multiverse of Planning Theories
- Track 14 / CEE Planning Doctrines and Practices
- Track 15 / Environmentalism: Climate Crisis and Green Deal
- Track 16 / Territories Under Pressure: Geopolitics and Planning
- Track 17 / Planning for Post-Pandemic World