AESOP Annual  Congress Lodz

These are the steps in the submission procedure:

  • Click 'Make a new submission'
  • In 'Section' dropdown menu, choose 'FULL PAPER Lodz Congress'
  • In 'Submission Requirements,' acknowledge the requirements by ticking the necessary boxes
  • Scroll down and in 'Submit As' – choose 'Author'
  • Agree to 'privacy statement'
  • Click 'Save and continue'
  • Upload a file with a full paper and assign it as 'Full paper'
    Note: (If necessary, enclose an acknowledgement: ie. about the source of finances or the project's name related to your survey...)
  • Click 'Save and continue'
    Enter Metadata Note: (If any data is missing, it will not appear in the Book of Proceedings)
  • Click 'Save and continue'
  • Click 'Finish Submission' if all necessary information has been correctly entered
  • Confirm the submission - OK

AESOP Annual Congress 2023
Book of Abstracts


Published: 2023-07-01